Thursday, June 15, 2006

Saving Sparrow

In my attempt to save Jac... pardon me Captian Jack Sparrow, I William Turner.................(suspence growing)........................................................ broke my arm. Yes its true those savage cannables chased me to the end. I was sailing the Black Pearl all the way to the Rum Runner Island where I last left Jack oh and Squeaky my new pet squirrel, who has probally been eaten by Jack, oh well I'll kill em later. I finally reached the island. I called out for Jack, I screamed and shouted till I almost lost my voice. I heard a noise rattling in the trees behind me, I turned around to find CANNABLES! They cornered me I reached for my sword but it wasnt there. Then I heard a familiar voice call out "I'll save you" It was Jack, he was dangling above me in a tree sword in hand. He let go of the tree and *splat* landed right on top of me, and thats how I broke my arm. We jumped and just kinda stood there for a while, then "CHARGE" shouted Jack he fought and fought those cannables till he couldnt fight no more, We hopped on the black pearl and headed home. Both of us safe at last!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Running for Rum

Last week, Jack and I sailed to that island that Barbosa stranded Jack on twice. We went down in the littler rum celler where the Rum runners kept their rum to sell. But since they dont sell it anymore we get free rum! Not that we would have payed for it in the first place, we would used the Pirate way and stolen it, anyways we were loading huge heavy crates of Rum on to The Black Pearl. As we loaded the last crate, a crowd of a hundred people jumped from the trees and started to chase us. Jack and I turned and ran for our lives, I made it abord the ship and started to cast off, but when I was about 10 feet away from the shore I realized Jack hadnt borded the ship with me, but I couldnt just turn around cause the ship was too big. I made it all the way back to Port Royal and left Jack on what was supposed to be a "deserted island". I wonder If he ever made it back? I havent checked lately.

Monday, April 24, 2006

First Day Of Blogging

The other day Jack and I were out "treasure hunting". Well we found the treasure chest but we couldnt find the key to it. We searched all around the treasure chest and even under it, but no key.
Then all of the sudden I heard a noise from behind me. I turned and looked down and saw.....a.....squirrel! And he was holding a key. He looked up at me and gave me what looked like a smile, then started to run off. I turned to Jack and said "That squirrel has the key." We started to run as fast as we could, then Jack shouted "Get your nuts back here stupid squirrel!" So we were off after a little old squirrel.
In the end we caught the squirrel and ended up having him for dinner. I had never had squirrel before but it tasted good. As for the treasure chest we got it open but it was full of acorns. I guess that explains why a squirrel had the key.